Verifone Secura Payment Terminal

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The PCI PED and EMV approved Secura PIN pad is a highly secure, easy to use PIN pad that features both magstripe and EMV smart card readers.

The Secura PIN pad has a backlit graphical display for easy viewing, large tactile keys that are also backlit and an illuminated smart card entry slot. The Secura has a privacy shield for added security, it's tamper-responsive, and molded rubber grips keep it securely in hand.

Data & Specification
Processor 32i Bit RISC Mircoprocessor
Memory 2MB or 4MB SRAM with Battery Backup
Communication Various Options: 2.4 kbps modem (V.22bis) up to 33.6kbps optional (V.34), IDSN, Ethernet LAN , GSM / GPRS
Display 132 x 64 pixel blacklit graphical LCD; Supports 4 Lines x 22 Characters
Magnetic Card Reader Dual Track (1 / 2 or 2 / 3) or Optional Triple Track, Horizontal Swipe, bi-directional, ISO 7811, able to read High and Low Coercivity cards
Primary Smart Card Illuminated Card Entry Slot, EMV 2000, Level 1; 5V and 3V Cards Supported
Keypad Ergonomic backlit keypad with optional navigation paddle and two additional function keys, choice of three types of privacy shield
Printer 7.5V / 400mA (Secura PIN pad); 100 – 240 V AC/ 30VA switching power adapter
Security Approvals PCI PED Approved, EMV Level 1 & 2 Certified
Colour Grey
Dimensions W 95 / 230 x D 185 / 174 x H 40 / 124 mm
Weight 400 / 975 g
Warranty 1 Year


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  • Verifone Secura Technical Specification
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