Honeywell MK9535 Voyager Handheld Scanner

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The Honeywell Voyager BT and Voyager BT -5M combine the freedom of Bluetooth technology with many of the outstanding features found in all Voyager series hand-held, single-line scanners – the industry benchmark for value and performance. In addition to automatic infrared activation for bar code detection, both models come equipped with Honeywell’s patented CodeGate and RangeGate technology. RangeGate enables both models to scan hundreds of bar codes when out of range of a host system (Voyager BT – 250, Voyager BT -5M – 2400 bar codes).

Data & Specification
Light Source Visable Laser Diode 650 mm
Scan Speed 72 Scan / Sec
Depth of Field 0 to 279 mm
Width of Field 320 mm Maximum
Scan Pattern Single Line Scan
Number of Lines 1
Decode Capability Autodiscrimnates all standard 1D Barcodes, Including RSS
Interface Options PC Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, Light Pen Emulation, Stand Alone Keyboard, USB
Accessory Options Wall Mount, Presentation Stand, Charger Only Cradle, Stand Mounting Hardware
Colour Light Grey, Black
Dimensions W45 / 107 x D40 / 61 x H198 / 204 mm
Weight 199 / 225g
Warranty 2 Years


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  • Honeywell MK9535 Voyager Technical Specification
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