Honeywell 3200 Linear Handheld Scanner

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The 3200 delivers quality linear barcode scanning and user friendly ergonomics, combined in a solution that's affordable and dependable for a wide variety of applications. Whether you're automating a pen and paper process, or require your existing devices, the 3200 is an ideal solution.

Linear imaging technology provides high scanning performance on all linear barcodes – even those that are damaged or poorly printed – and features the added value of being 100% solid state, with no moving parts that can fail or become misaligned.

Data & Specification
Light Source 630NM Visible Red LED
Scan Speed 200+ Scan/sec
Depth of Field 5 to 250mm
Width of Field 15 mil code
Scan Pattern Single Scan Line
Number of Scan Lines 1
Interface Options Keyboard Wedge, USB, RS-232
Colour Black, White
Dimensions (W) 68 x (D) 95 x (H) 152 mm
Weight 143g
Warranty 2 Years Factory Warranty


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  • Honeywell 3200 Technical Specification
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