Happy 20th Anniversary to Box Technologies

2nd May 2012


Celebrating 20-years’ in business in June this year, Box Technologies is renowned as a supplier of a wide range of integrated IT systems to retail, finance, public sector, banking, hospitality and travel businesses. Box Technologies is expanding its reputation for its consulting and project management capabilities by delivering innovative solutions in response to demanding business challenges.

The company attributes its success to its creative vision and professional delivery of systems ranging from ‘of the shelf’ IT products such as a point of sale terminal or a receipt printer, to a customer built business solutions, coupled with the technical capability to implement and integrate the solution rapidly and cost-effectively within a company’s estate.

By combining these software solutions with Box Technologies’ consulting and implementation services and its portfolio of IT products, Box Technologies has launched solutions in Loss Prevention, Digital Signage, Queue Management, Self Service & Kiosk. These solutions are aimed at  delivering competitive advantage, improving customer service, reducing in-store queuing and tackling the growing trend of in-store customer and employee shrinkage.

To mark its  20th anniversary as an innivator in IT products andsolutions,  Box Technologies’ is organising a number of customer-focused events, which will be taking place throughout 2012. Details will be released on line soon.

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