Challenging, Customer Facing, Branch of the Future

Box Technologies heritage in retail is helping to transform the in-branch customer experience for the finance industry.

We have invested heavily in R&D in order to develop solutions which benefit the industry, ensuring that the extensive products provided by Box Technologies are designed with quality built-in and are at the cutting edge of banking and payment innovation.

Our wide and extensive selection of technologies covers solutions ideal for the Finance industry, including:

  • Queue Management, with interactive digital signage, to provide important staffing information leading to an improved queuing experience.
  • Mobile solutions enable staff to assist customers without having to be behind a counter whilst in-branch.
  • On-line banking terminals and kiosks, enable customer to serve themselves.
Our counter technology solutions enhance the at-counter experience for both customers and staff alike.

Box Technologies is dedicated to continue to develop our high level of expertise in current and future banking technologies and development finance, which meet the needs of both customer and company.

Below are a number of Case Studies related to work Box Technologies have carried out within the Finance Industry.

Box Technologies “Delivering the Customer Interface Through Technology”

Finance Clients Using our Solutions

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