EPSON TM-U590 Impact Printer

This fast wide-slip printer is extremely versatile and capable of handling a wide range of slip, cheque and invoice applications, as well as multi-part slips (four copies) up to 88 columns in width. It is ideal for environments such as banks, hotels or restaurants.

Its flatbed design makes paper insertion easy, speeding up transaction times and reducing queues at the point of sale. The TM-U590 features ESC/POS, providing high levels of flexibility and an easy upgrade path. Printer operation status is provided by the Automatic Status Back function.

Data & Specification
Print Method 9-Pin Serial Impact Dot Matrix
Printer Speed 311 / 233 CPS
Paper Size W 70 / 210 x L 70 / 297 mm
Character Set 95 Alphanumeric Characters, 37 International Characters, 128 x 10 Graphic Characters
Barcode Set Not Applicable
Memory 4Kbytes or 69bytes
Auto Cutter Not Applicable
Interface Options RS-232, Bi-Directional Parallel, RS-485
Colour EPSON Cool White
Dimensions (W) 252 x (D)266 x (L)185 mm
Weight 5 kg
Warranty 2 Years Standard Warranty, Optional EPSON Cover Plus Four Years Extended Warranty


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