EPSON TM-U230 Impact Printer

Epson’s durable TM-U230 impact printer is the perfect addition to any kitchen environment. The high performance, two colour printer is unaffected by steam, grease or spillages, thanks to a water-resistant case with a coated, anti-bacterial surface which allows stains and grime to be effortlessly wiped away

The TM-U230 is designed for use as part of a kitchen ordering system. In addition to standard serial and parallel interfaces, the product supports both Ethernet and USB – allowing remote connection to a point of sale terminal in the restaurant area. All printers are fitted with a buzzer to alert busy kitchen staff to incoming order information. It also fits easily into any kitchen, and can be installed horizontally and vertically, as well as wall-mounted, out of harm’s way.

Data & Specification
Print Method 9-Pin Serial Impact Dot Matrix
Printer Speed 3.5 / 6.4 lps
Paper Size W 76 x Dia 83.0 mm
Character Set 95 Alphanumeric Characters, .37 International Characters, 128 x 8 Graphic Traditional / Simple Chinese
Barcode Set Not Applicable
Memory 1Kbytes / 16Kbytes
Auto Cutter Standard (Partial Cut)
Interface Options RS -232, Bi-Directional Parallel, Ethernet
Colour EPSON Cool White, EPSON Dark Grey
Dimensions (W) 165 x (D) 168 x (H) 259.5 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
Warranty 2 Years Standard Warranty, Optional EPSON Cover Plus Four Years Extended Warranty


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  • Epson TM-U230 Impact Printer Technical Specification (PDF, 592KB)