EPSON DM-D500 Customer Display

The 256 x 64 dot matrix display of the DM-D500 allows for a rich expression of text and graphics at the point of sale. The display is clear, easy to read and, in addition to outstanding reliability, has an energy saving function. Text, up to eight lines, and graphics, such as pictures and illustrations, can be scrolled horizontally and vertically.

Valuable features include an extensive font table, direct connection to any terminal, and ESC/POS control commands for easy downloading of user-defined characteristics. A range of stands is also available to meet different application needs. Compliance with safety standards worldwide means they can be used virtually anywhere.

Data & Specification
Display Technology Vacuum Fluorescent / Green
Number of Characters 256 x 64 (42 Columns x 8 Lines)
Brightness 300 Nit
Buffer Size Receive 4kb / Macro 2kb
Character Font 5 x 7, 8 x 16, 16 x 16 Dot Matrix
Character Type Alphanumeric: 95, International Characters: 37, Graphic Characters: 128 x 12
Character Size/Pitch Animated Graphics
Download Characters 132 / 94
Interface Options EIA / TIA, RS-232 / SERIAL
Colour ECW (EPSON Cool White), EDG (EPSON Dark Grey)
Dimensions 213 x 51 x 83 mm
Weight 300g
Warranty Optional EPSON Cover Plus Four Years Extended Warranty


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  • EPSON DM-D500BA Technical Specification (PDF, 43KB)