EPSON DM-D210 Customer Display

Clear and easy to read, the large, high brightness screen and 2-line by 20-column format of the DM-D210 Series offers high speed data transfer, flash memory and an extensive font table. The display panel has a wide viewing angle and the head can be freely tilted and swivelled to any angle, providing customers with information at a glance.


Easy connection means that these displays support a wide range of power supplies from 12V to 48V, and they are is ESC/PoS compliant as well as OPoS compatible. Also offer flash memory and extensive font table. The DM Series displays can be easily mounted onto any of Epson’s TM or IR series, or there are optional stands available.

Data & Specification
Display Technology Vacuum Fluorescent / Green
Number of Characters 40 (20 Columns x 2 Lines)
Brightness 700 Nit
Buffer Size 80 Bytes
Character Font 5 x 7 Dot Matrix Cursor, Dec Point
Character Type Alphanumeric: 95, International Characters: 37, Graphic Characters: 128 x 12
Character Size/Pitch 6.5 x 11.3 mm / 9.9 mm
Download Characters 95 Characters
Interface Options EIA / TIA, RS-232 / SERIAL
Colour ECW (Epson Cool White)
Dimensions 260 x 50.5 x 83 mm
Weight 300g
Warranty Optional EPSON Cover Plus Four Years Extended Warranty


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  • Epson DM-D210 Customer Display Technical Specification (PDF, 221KB)