About Us


CEO Russell Willcox: ‘Customer service and top quality products for 20-years’

Celebrating 20-years in business in June 2012, Box Technologies delivers a wide range of integrated IT based business systems to retail, hospitality, finance & banking, transport and logistics and many areas of the public sector. 


The Company is well known in the market place today for its consultative approach to business challenges.  Box Technologies attributes its success to its vision and the delivery of high quality IT-systems ranging from ‘off the shelf’ products to a completely custom built business solution, coupled with technical excellence in implementation and deployment.

Recently, Box Technologies has launched a range of integrated solutions to address retail challenges including loss prevention, cash counting and reconciliation, digital signage, queue management and kiosk/self service. With a combination of carefully selected hardware, dedicated software and Box Technologies’ installation and support services, these represent a new and exicting dimension to Box Technologies’ traditional product offerings.

Box Technologies bases its core foundation and commercial success on key business relationships with leading manufacturers, working within major product categories: EPoS, Mobile Computing, Self Service, and Digital Signage all supported by our experienced,  in-house service delivery teams.

Box Technologies – Delivering the Customer Interface through Technology