A National Post Office

A well known National Post Office deploys the world’s first fully customised Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) printer capable of providing the usual retail functions of receipts, reports and document slip printing whilst also having the ability to print postage stamps directly using an inbuilt thermal label printer. The additional printer functionality enables the country wide Post Office network to process mail efficiently and cost effectively. It also minimises footprint and offers increased reliability. The bespoke EPoS solution was designed, developed and manufactured by Box Technologies.


The Postal Service studied handles more than 3 million items of mail each day, all of which is processed through the company’s four national mail hubs. Quality improvement is a top priority for the Post Office, which is why it wanted to exceed the targets laid down for handling incoming and outgoing international mail.

The result was the custom installation of bespoke EPoS printers designed specifically to print all of the Postal Services transaction media, such as stamps, receipts, licenses, cheques and endorsements. The customised printers help the National Post Office to service their customers quickly, conveniently and cost effective.

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